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Current Stories

October 6th, 2017

Now it Looks Like Home

by WYB Staff

Syndey in front of her Penn Hills homeSyndey, a simple woman from Penn Hills just moved to Mckeesport. After calling a few places for furniture and not having any luck, she reached out to her sister for help. Her sister suggested calling Who’s Your Brother.

One phone call to Who’s Your Brother and all her furniture needs were met. To her surprise, we had inventory available for every room inside her home, the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Prior to receiving help, Sydney, being one of twelve kids was sharing a bed with her sister. Her living room was empty, she didn’t have a stove to cook food, and her clothes were stored on the floor.

We were thrilled to fill her three story house and make it a home again. Over the weekend, the men from WYB delivered dressers, beds, a couch, a coffee table, end tables, lamps, and a wall picture to her home.

We would like to thank all our community members who lend a hand and help out women like Syndey. Everyone’s help has made her house a home again.

October 1st, 2017

Starting All Over Again

by The WYB Team

Natalie and daughter on their new bed.Natalie, a single mother and Pittsburgh resident faced many life challenges. Every day, she struggled to survive, going from one shelter to the next. Her main priority was finding a safe and secure place to call home for herself and her children.

Life changed when a house in the North Side became available. Similar to every new place, empty space filled each room. Natalie needed furniture to make her new home comfortable.

Next, an agency helped Natalie discover Who’s Your Brother. Natalie then looked on WYB’s website and ordered a bed to sleep in, a kitchen table and chair set to eat on, and a living room chair to relax in.

To Natalie’s surprise, WYB brought the furniture pieces the next day. She said the items were better than expected. Overall, happiness filled Natalie's heart.

She is very thankful for the community efforts and contributions. Without help from our Pittsburgh neighbors, life would not be the same for Natalie.

October 1st, 2017

Ready For Change

by The WYB Team

Stephaine enjoying her new sectionalStephanie, a new Pittsburgh neighbor was looking forward to a positive change. Coming from New York as a security guard, Stephanie found a new career at the University of Pittsburgh and a new home. The only thing missing, a comfortable and compact piece of furniture to sit on.

Moving expenses made money tight for Stephanie. Therefore, her living room was empty, without a place to sit or relax. She needed to find a find a piece of furniture to meet her budget as soon as possible. After her daughter shared good news about Who's Your Brother and what services were available, she immediately got online and looked into the organization.

Right there on the website, she found a 2 piece sectional, she was thrilled. So she picked up the phone and gave WYB a call. Terry, WYB's local dispatcher said WYB could deliver her furniture the very next day! Excitement was in her voice when she told the WYB team her location.

She couldn't believe her eyes, the truck and men were outside her home with the furniture, as promised. Next, the men carried up the sectional and placed it where she wanted it. She was pleased with their friendly and prompt service. Stephanie now has chance to relax and feel comfortable inside her new home. This heart-felt experience will always remain in her mind.

Most of all, we would like to thank everyone who reaches out and makes a donation. You are a tremendous help to us and neighbors like Stephanie who seek the simple pleasure of having a place to sit inside their home.

September 5th, 2017

Whos Your Brother is set to open a new location in Philadelphia.

by WYB Team

Part of our Pittsburgh crewWYB will bring the Furnish For Free Program to Philadelphia

Who's Your Brother (WYB) is set to expand its efforts into Philadelphia this September!

The new location will create more opportunities for Philadelphia community members through the Furnish for Free program, offering furniture pickups and deliveries to those in need.

The pickup service is designed to assist those seeking furniture removal. Often, a pickup can be scheduled and items can be removed within 24 hours of contact. At WYB, all items are accepted, regardless of condition. The staff will come into the home and do all the heavy lifting.

Items available for delivery are collected through the pickup service and displayed on the WYB website by category, showcasing each furniture piece, room by room. At WYB the furniture is free, individuals only pay a small fee for delivery.

The Furnish for Free Program will be available in Philadelphia beginning September 11th.

The public can contact WYB to schedule pickup and delivery services, Monday - Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

Stay tuned for grand opening promotions in Philadelphia.

For more information, visit

December 18th, 2013


by Raymond Miller

Wade Redcross and Debi Arnett of WYB together with the Soup Nazi, Larry ThomasDespite inclement weather conditions which would have prompted Noah to start building his arc, a large crowd came to enjoy this year’s WYB Toy Drive event held on December 5, 2013 at the Mini Cooper Car dealership in Shadyside. A special thanks to Chris Lasko, General Manager at Mini, who provided a great venue for WYB to conduct this year’s event.

A number of benevolent-minded individuals dropped off toys which helped the drive in a significant way. It was an appropriate time for WYB founder Wade Redcross to thank thirty-two sponsors who had agreed to place toy drive collection boxes at their places of business. Without their willingness to help collection would be limited and for that reason special recognition was afforded.

One of our sponsors, Dan Brumbaugh of Praetorian Payment Acceptance, Ltd., met in person for the first time two families he has agreed to help. He touched and inspired many who were present by expressing a few words about what this first time experience has meant to him.

All enjoyed the food brought in and catered by Alexander’s Italian Bistro of Bloomfield. A beautiful and delicious sheet cake was presented to enjoy by long-time friend and sponsor Paddy Cake Bakery of Bloomfield. A special thanks to Annette Locke of Premier Design Jewelry who donated a portion of the nights proceeds to the WYB cause.

The event promised a special mystery guest and none were disappointed when they learned that Seinfeld’s , “The Soup Natzi“, Larry Thomas was present. Many were able to capture the moment by taking a photograph with Larry who was very accommodating.

Locally acclaimed jazz artist Hill Jordan and Slide Worldwide provided live music for the crowd to enjoy and enjoy they did. Hill and his phenomenal band have been long-time supporters of the WYB way.

It was an opportune time for WYB and staff to thank all those in the community that help move the mission of WYB forward. For at least this night, those who came to enjoy the WYB 2013 2nd Annual Toy Drive Event did so, connecting with one another, building a community of peace and benevolence where every human being is valued.


September 30th, 2013

Networking for a Cause and Jazz at Wigle Whiskey

by WYB Staff

Roby Super Sax Edwards at Wigle WhiskeyIf networking among barrels of whiskey was not intriguing enough the jazz stylings of Roby Edwards brought the evening alive. Many thanks to the Wigle Whiskey team for their sponsorship of this great event. Many business people and community members got together to enjoy the delicious appetizers provided by Donato's, Parma Sausage, Salonika Imports, Labads Mediterranean Cafe and Grocery.

Attendees enjoyed the signature cocktail designed in honor of WYB by Wigle Whisky. Many other enjoyable gin and whiskey cocktails were offered. They are excited to promote their new rum offering which will be available on October 17th. Raffle prizes were provided by Wigle Whiskey, Esspa Kozmetika and WYB. The winner of the 50/50 raffle was George Payne of Federated Mortgage.

The story of Wigle Whiskey and the history of Pennsylvania's distilling past is fascinating and was passed on by Meredith Grelli. For more information about Wigle Whiskey go to

August 26th, 2013

Smashing Luke Wholey Event

by WYB Staff

Wade Redcross and Luke WholeyLuke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grille was packed with over 150 visitors as we celebrated Luke's dedication to the community and commitment to WYB. At the event Luke was presented with a plaque in recognition of mentoring three young men. On August 12, 2013 Luke taught the art of fishing to these young men on the shores of the Allegheny River. The picture on the plaque says it all with smiling faces all around at the dinner table where they tasted some of Luke's specialties after a day of fishing.

Among the attendees at the August 19th event more than 70 were business owners. Some of them, like, Luke have pledged to assist members of their community too. To see photos of the event go to our facebook page.

Luke sets the pace as a Pittsburgh business owner who willingly offers hes time talent and energy to help others in need without the exchange of money. To learn more about our sponsorship Program contact Debi at 412-328-2310.

March 8th, 2013

Check out our Latest Interview!

by Abbey Wengerd

Check out the interview Debi Arnett did with Positively Pittsburgh Live a few weeks ago. The interview was titled "Non Profits Spreading Love Volume II". If you scroll down the page, you will see the list of the non-profits that were included, and a blurb about each one of them... including Who's Your Brother, and Debi Arnett! To check it out CLICK HERE and scroll down the page.

Successful Holiday Toy Drive

by Abbey Wengerd

Excitement for Toy DriveThis past holiday season, WYB was able to help over 50 families with presents for their children. People posted their needs for toys on our website, and WYB communicated with them to come to our Toy Distribution Party in December. The Toy Drive Business Partners had been collecting toys at various locations around Pittsburgh.

A lot of the businesses were creative in creating strategies to be successful at collecting toys from their patrons. Some put toys out on display and had people make donations so that they could go out and purchase more toys. Others created a display on a table, rather then use the traditional toy drive box. Due to their efforts, we were able to collect lots of toys to help the families who had posted needs on our site.

We would like to thank the businesses and volunteers who helped us to make the holiday season brighter for families in the Pittsburgh Area!

Toy Drive Time

by WYB

Beginning October 22, WYB Toy Drop Boxes will be placed throughout the greater Pittsburgh area to collect toys for children ages 0-18.

Over 25 business locations, including the dental offices of Dr. Donald Stoner, DDS in Oakmont; the Regis Suite in Greentree; and Kelli at Contact One Penn Communications in the Strip District, are holding designated WYB Toy Drop Box locations for unwrapped toy and rolls of gift wrapping paper.

Children of the WYB Communiy and their families will benefit.

"We noticed how many children would come to our Furnish For Free events who don't have much of their own," explained Debi Arnett, project chair business Development Specialist for WYB. "They'd be so excited to get a used toy! It made us so aware of their needs."

The call to the community is to donate a variety of new toys to for children of all ages. Whether individually, or with an organization, the this is the time to give joyfully.

A special event "kick-off" is scheduled to be held at the Shady Side Honda Dealership on November 8th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Check back for a full list of WYB Toy Drop Drive locations.

The WYB Way

by Autumn Redcross

"It is better to give than to receive," is an age old adage that has governed ethical thinking throughout time. And the "pay-it-forward" principle is a contemporary expression of the same idea.

Wise people know that the greatest joys in life often come through acts of benevolence. WYB works to designate needs so that the generosity of some is never overlooked; and the needs of others do not go unfulfilled.

We are not at all alone in this goal. There are a great number of institutions and organizations that seek to satisfy the needs of others, without the expectation of anything in return. This we find commendable.

So, we intend to do just that: commend them.

WYB will be looking for organizations and individuals who are seeking to reach out, and give to people without gaining anything in return. We call this effort "the WYB way," and will be spreading the word about initiatives and programs we believe to be unified with us in our mission, similar in character, and seeing the world in "the WYB way."

September 18th, 2012

Singles With Focus is LIVE

by Autumn Redcross

www.singleswithfocus.comThe new WYB sponsored site, Singles With Focus is live and running.

Rather than simply a matching site, Singles With Focus uses mixers and service projects to get people together. Once registered on the site, you can sign-up for the events and once you attend the events, other participant's profiles are un-locked for you to reach out to and connect with.

And the good news is, we all have something in common. The quality of people you stand to meet all have an interest in building community--like you.

Upcoming Singles With Focus events include a jazz night at Olive and Twist and a black and gold karoke night at Melange Bistro Bar.

"Singles With Focus was formed to build community by first giving young men and women the opportunity to engage in philanthropy through our affiliate, 'Who's Your Brother,' explains Wade Redcross--who founded both organizations.

"Secondly," he continued, "we hope to bring together single men and women who will develop enduring relationships."

"Proceeds from 'Singles With Focus' benefits the work of 'Who's Your Brother.'"

To find out more about singles with focus, or purchase a ticket for an upcoming event, go to

September 18th, 2012

Project Paper Plate speaks up about world hunger

by Autumn Redcross

Feeding America has named September as HUNGER ACTION MONTH to speak out against hunger and bring attention to the over 50 million people in America who face hunger daily.

Essentially 1 in 6 of the U.S. population – including more than 1 in 5 children. It's been noted that hunger is a silent injustice that effects us all, and that it is. According to the World Food Programme, there are more hungry people n the world than the combined populations of USA, Canada and the European Union. Also, Hunger is the world's #1 health risk. It kills more people every year than AIDS malaria and tuberculosis.

WYB seeks to help raise awareness regarding hunger and is supporting the the Sewickley community Center Food Pantry Garden has initiated "Project Paper Plate," a hunger advocacy campaign.

Project Paper Plate has asked that participants submit a picture of themselves holding a paper plate on which they have written a fact or their personal opinion about hunger. In this small, but profound way, we at WYB help to speak to the travesty of hunger, and call one another to action.

Anyone one is welcome to submit pictures with their friends, families, pets, and children; even pictures of just the plate are accepted!

Check out WYB's paper plates on our facebook page by clicking here

September 18th, 2012

A Powerful Story of Giving

by Christy Holodnik

Furnish for Free WarehouseWYB’s September Furnish for Free was a huge success! On September 1, 2012 Who’s Your Brother hosted yet another Furnish for Free event. At FFF, people in need can enter the WYB warehouse in Point Breeze, create a free account on the Who’s Your Brother website, and hopefully have one of their needs fulfilled.

As the WYB team prepared the warehouse for a morning of gift giving, people anxiously lined up outside the warehouse. Over 50 people passed through the warehouse that morning, and the WYB team was able to hear story after story of people in need, right in the Pittsburgh area. All morning, we witnessed people enter the warehouse with a need, then leave with their need fulfilled. However, there was one particular event that blew everyone away.

A single mother of three came to see if Furnish for Free could help her and her children find a bed, so that her family wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor of their apartment anymore. After a recent move to Pittsburgh, the mother shared with us that she was unable to afford beds for her children. The WYB team wanted to help but unfortunately, by the time she arrived, we had already given away all of the beds and mattresses in the warehouse. Not five minutes later, a man and woman arrived at the warehouse with a donation. The couple informed us that they wanted to donate two mattresses and two bed frames to people in need. The givers, receivers, and helpers were all blown away by the perfect timing of this whole transaction. The WYB team immediately went outside to transfer the beds into the FFF van, which would later deliver the two beds to the single mother and her children!

The WYB team also met a local college student, grandfather, newlywed couple, and working father, all with one thing in common, they all had a need. The fact is everyone has a need, whether that is a bed to sleep in, listening ear, couch or new pair of shoes. Meeting and fulfilling needs is what Who’s Your Brother is all about, all without the exchange of money.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to FFF, please don’t hesitate to contact us at With your help, we can continue meeting people’s needs in Pittsburgh.

Cotton Candy, Face Painting and a Picnic with WYB!

by Christy Holodnik

Cotton candy in hand! On Saturday August 25th, Who’s Your Brother hosted our first Community Picnic in Frick Park near Blue Slide Playground. As hamburgers and hot dogs coming off the grill, excited children had their favorite animals and cartoon characters painted on their smiling faces, and cotton candy was handed out to all ages craving a sweet treat. We were able to share the mission of WYB with many people who stopped by the picnic.

Who’s Your Brother has another community event coming up in October. The WYB Community Harvest party is on October 13th at the 6500 block of Northumberland Street in Squirrel Hill. All are welcome to attend this fun event which will include apple bobbing, face painting, a bounce house, pumpkin patch, food, live music and much more! Email us at with any comments or questions.

Check out the WYB Community Picnic pictures on our facebook by clicking here.

August 28th, 2012

Supporting WYB at the Spa

by Christy Holodnik

Whos Your Brother and EsSpa Kozmeika come together for a night at the spa Last Thursday, over 30 spa-lovers, EsSpa customers, and WYB members gathered at EsSpa Kozmetika in Aspinwall for a night of Bubbly, Bourbon, and Brows. Those who attended the event were welcomed by smiling faces at the front desk, John Mayer playing through the speakers, and the option of champagne, wine or bourbon to drink. A vast spread of appetizers including chicken strips, roasted vegetables, and meatballs were beautifully presented in the next room, as well. As people mingled and enjoyed new company, the EsSpa staff gave brow waxes to anyone interested.

Wade Redcross, the founder of Who’s Your Brother, gave a speech describing Who’s Your Brother and the mission for Pittsburgh. The crowd was very receptive to the goals of WYB and afterwards conversations on community and volunteerism spread throughout the room.

EsSpa Kozmetika could not have been more generous, enjoyable and hospitable throughout the entire night. WYB would like to thank EsSpa for not only hosting this event at their beautiful spa but for also donating all proceeds of the night to Who’s Your Brother.

EsSpa Kozmetika is located in Aspinwall at 17 Brilliant Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15215 and you can contact them at:(412)782-3888

Photos of the event can be found here: WYB Spa Night Pictures .

August 13th, 2012

Knowing our Neighbors

by Christy Holodnik

National Night OutLast week, neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area participated in the 29th Annual National Night Out event. The NNO is a crime watch and prevention event, uniting towns, unifying neighborhoods, and heightening crime awareness. NNO events are held every August in over 15,000 communities including the United States, Canada and military bases worldwide.

Every year, NNO participants gather together and walk the streets of their city, town or neighborhood, bringing awareness to local crime. Because of these events, people have met their neighbors and relationships have been strengthened and unified.

Some neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, including McKeesport, Aspinwall and Whitehall, walked through the streets together this past week in order to strengthen neighborhood crime watch efforts.

This year’s National Night Out in Aspinwall was the largest gathering they have had yet; some believing that was due to local shootings that occurred this past week. Even though the crime rate in Aspinwall is high, the Mayor, Chief, and local NNO organizer are staying positive when it comes to fighting crime. By coming together and walking the streets of Aspinwall, they not only brought about awareness but a more unified community.

By coming together, people form relationships and can impact their community. At the WYB Community meetings that occur on Tuesday nights, our hope is to bring people together and positively impact the Pittsburgh area. If you would like more information, you can click here .

August 7th, 2012

Making a Difference

by Christy Holodnik

Suzie from Paddy Cake BakeryThank you Suzie and the Paddy Cake Bakery for your weekly donation to Who’s Your Brother. Every Tuesday, Paddy Cake Bakery donates a box of cookies for WYB to use at their weekly community meetings. People have very much enjoyed snacking on the cookies while they discuss ways in which WYB can actively impact Pittsburgh, in hopes of building a community of harmony.

When Suzie heard about Who's Your Brother, she wanted to help support our organization and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to be a part of what WYB is doing in Pittsburgh. And we are so glad that she didn’t!

Come to one of our Community Meetings on Tuesdays @ 7 pm at the Stephen Foster Community Center in Lawrenceville to taste one of the wonderful cookies from Paddy Cake Bakery!

Paddy Cake Bakery is located in Bloomfield at 4763 Liberty Avenue, 15224. Go ahead and give them a visit, they will be happy to see you!

August 2nd, 2012

WYBers Moved to Action

by Christy Holodnik

WYB Community MeetingFor the past month, Who’s Your Brother has been holding weekly community meetings open to anyone interested in building a community of peace and harmony in Pittsburgh. These meeting include dynamic conversations about very challenging and thought-provoking topics such as, “What is community?”, “Who is your brother?”, “Is there community in Pittsburgh”, and “How do we create a community of harmony around us?”

This past week, the group discussed who they consider a brother or sister in their life. This topic helped us think about viewing everyone around us as our brother or sister rather than building walls that divide communities. After people shared stories of stepping out of their comfort zone to help a stranger in need, the group became inspired to meet needs immediately.

The WYB website is full of needs that people have posted, ranging from furniture to counseling and groceries to lawn work. With a list of five needs in hand, our group of 25 split apart and started meeting the needs by making phone calls, sending messages, making plans and brainstorming ideas. The feeling in the room was both incredibly exciting and encouraging.

Just from that meeting there are many actions taking place. People are planning a getaway with a woman in need of a vacation. Furniture that was being donated to Furnish for Free was picked up the next day in a moving van. Flyers are now being posted in the Squirrel Hill area for our Community Picnic at the end of August. WYB is actively impacting the Pittsburgh community, and we would like you to join us!

Our community meetings are held at the Stephen Foster Community Center in Lawrenceville on Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00pm. You can also CLICK HERE for more information!

We look forward to seeing you there!

August 1st, 2012

Hunting for Treasure

by Christy Holodnik

Donating to FFFWhile waiting for her son to get off the bus, Zelha, saw a flyer advertising WYB’s Furnish for Free (FFF) event. She is in the process of moving and didn’t want to put her unwanted items by the curb, so she called Furnish for Free’s Manager Susan Richter.

Zelha told Susan, “I didn’t want to trash them, people might be in need and I thought this was a good organization.”

Susan showed up not knowing exactly what Zelha had to donate. After loading a van full of children’s toys, clothing furniture, and other household items, Susan looked forward to meeting people’s need with these new items.

Susan explained “As we were putting it in we realized that oh that can fulfill the need that this one woman has for baby stuff and oh that would be great for the person who needs house wares.”

This is what Furnish for Free is all about, taking items that might not be useful to one person and finding value as you fulfill someone else’s need.

Susan works hard to collect people’s items before they go into the trash. Susan started FFF after watching perfectly good furniture sitting on the curb for years.

“People want to give this stuff away, they don’t want to throw it in the trash, they want to help other people . . . and so I decided to tap into those desires and create Furnish for Free and it has just been taking off.”

Her pet-peeve of seeing useful items in the trash on the curb can now be squelched by the reality of Furnish for Free. “It’s actually a lot of fun and really exciting, it’s like a treasure hunt” says Susan.

By donating items to furnish for free, you can not only be reassured that it will find a new home but also bring joy to someone’s life. It’s really simple to donate, just email Susan at, or you can drop items off at our next Furnish for Free event on August 18th.

Come see what Furnish for Free is all about on August 18th, we look forward to seeing you there.

For more information and other upcoming dates CLICK HERE!



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